Aviaries for each bird species. From pigeon to parrot. From canary to toucan. Birds from their own breed. Bred by hand, from egg to adult bird. 


Every birth is a small miracle. The eggs are hatched in our nursery. The egg cracks and the bird attempts to get out of the egg on its own.

Growth phase

The chick gets his first plumes. New feathers encompassed by a protective shell. It gets a down between which the new, spiky plumes will grow.

First vision

the chick has just opened its eyes. The down disappears and gives way to the plumes. The chick becomes more and more independent.

Learning to eat

Up to now, the birds have been fed by hand. Now is the time they become independent. We place a small bowl with feed in the cage so that the bird can learn to eat by itself.

Ready to go

The young birds are now independent. After this point, they are ready to become your pet friend. 

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